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Nicole has joined the team with a great fervor, expanding her intellectual awareness in real estate every day with an extensive team of experts that hold decades of knowledge they earnestly train with her on here at Elation. She runs her own local business in her community where she expresses her creative passions with neighbors and fellow business owners. Holding experience in corporate purchasing and coordinating, she’s a skilled negotiator and thought it a no-brainer to add real estate expertise to her portfolio. What better way to gain confidence in purchasing her very first home than to become an expert in the field? She’s an avid Do-It-Yourselfer, persistently pursuing her goals until accomplished. When she’s in, she’s all in. Bearing a profound love of helping people at her highest capacity combined with the determination to get the job done she’s delighted to collaborate with her clients and achieve the very best outcome! Her job here is finding YOU and your loved ones the perfect home in California bringing along her passion, honesty, optimism, and exciting energy. So, what’s the wait for? Contact her now and tell her all you have to say about your wants and needs in a home, in a city, and most importantly in an agent. With open ears, approachability, and a lifetime living in the Bay area, Nicole is eager to find that perfect home you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life thriving in.

Nicole’s personal interests include being a most supportive wife to her husband and fellow realtor, Michael, raising their two children to be their highest and greatest selves, practicing healthy, fit living inside & out, continual learning to expand her sphere of expertise, and working with energy and the metaphysical aspects of life.

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