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A day in the life… of a Realtor’s dog.

January 15, 2021

A day in the life… of a Realtor’s dog.

Real Estate is a cut-throat, survival of the fittest, “dog”-eat-“dog” industry. There’s got to be what… about 242 million real estate agents right here in the Tri-Valley? I mean, if you throw a tennis ball into a crowd, chances are you’ll hit a Realtor in the head.

And then, of course, I’d go chase it!!


Hi, my name is Maximiliano “Max” Cherman, an 11-month old Golden Retriever. As one of the Chief Cuteness Officers (CCO) at Elation Real Estate I play a very vital role in the success of the company. I have an incredibly tough job. If it wasn’t for me, and the other CCOs, our humans would go absolutely insane in this job.

I know what you are thinking. Really, Max, are you trying to tell me the life of a Real Estate agent is that hard? Yeah, right! What do you know? You’re just a dog. Yes, I am a dog… a ridiculously cute one at that… but trust me, I know what I’m talking about. Let me share with you what a typical day is like for us.

Up before the sun

My day usually starts around 5am. My human is awake, and I can see she’s texting with someone. And by the way she’s laughing, I can tell she’s talking to Perla’s human. Perla is almost one and half years old, an adorable white boxer, another CCO at Elation, and we’re dating!

So, I text Perla to see if she’s up. Yes, we have cell phones… is that weird? She tells me she’s been up since 3am! Why, you ask? Yeah, I asked her too! Why in the world are you up at 3am?? Perla is a light sleeper, and for some reason, her human is up at 3am, so that means she is up at 3am. But, why is she up, I ask? No, idea… I hear her talking about a horrible nightmare she’s had… something about PEADs and Counters and Contingencies and all kinds of other weird things. But all I wanted to do was go back to sleep.


Now the sun is coming up, so I guess it is time to get up. Yay! Breakfast time! Well, at least for me and Perla it is. Oh, and Frankie, Perla’s older brother! He’s the cutest little chihuahua mix and although he’s a rescue and a bit older, he still runs the house! We call him the Godfather.

So, yeah, breakfast time! Although I rarely see my human eat breakfast. Instead I see her on her laptop or talking on the phone. I’ll show you this… Calendly that… inspect this… appraise that… sell this… buy that. It never stops! Where do they get all of that energy??

At least Perla and I have noticed that our humans do drink a lot of water, just like us. But their water is black, which is kind of weird. And instead of a bowl, they drink out of their favorite mug. And sometimes they’ll add some white stuff to their water, and other times they’ll add a little bit of this brownish colored liquid. Those are special days!

Ok, at this point in the morning, if I’m lucky, we’ll all go for a hike together. Those are fun mornings. The Pleasanton Ridge is beautiful. We run all over the place!! What’s that, human? Stay on the trail? Yeah, you do that… we’ll be over here in the bushes getting dirty, digging holes, and looking for bunny rabbits!

Unfortunately, though, most of the time, she’s out the door super early and there is not enough time for our hike. That means I’m not going anywhere… but at least I get treats!

The day continues

Sometimes I get to go to the office with her. I love that! But because I hear that the humans have been staying in shelters, or something like that, we haven’t gone to the office as much. I used to get to meet all kinds of people. But now they are all stuck inside their little computer screens. Not sure how they got in there… all in their little cages. It’s kind of sad. I wish I could just let them all out of there. They look miserable!

Anyway, that could go on for hours and hours, well into the afternoon. But usually, our humans meet at Perla’s house. We’ve noticed that they usually continue to drink some more water, only this time the water is kind of a dark red color and they usually drinks it out of a fancier glass. I am not sure why, but they sure seem to enjoy it! Must be good. I don’t know, I sort of like my bowl of clear water. Humans are so weird.

Sun’s gone down… but still going

It’s night time now, but that doesn’t mean the phone doesn’t stop ringing. My human really seems to care about all of her clients. They say that real estate agents have super flexible schedules, but, in reality, what that really means, is they have to keep their schedule flexible because they may need to work at 3am or 10pm, and all the hours in between, seven days a week. Not all of them do… but our humans, and all of the other Elation Real Estate human partners do too. They have such big hearts!

Oh, and this is all on a Tuesday!! Imagine if this was Saturday. Holy bacon wrapped bacon! We probably would have driven all over the tri-valley showing houses, visiting listings, or meeting inspectors, stagers and appraisers. With my head out the window the entire time, that makes for a fun day! Not to mention, I have had the opportunity to pee on some pretty great bushes in Pleasanton, Danville, Livermore and San Ramon… just to name a few! The life!


Ok, so she’s still going, but I’m going to bed! I’ve had a very long day dealing with her dealing with all these clients. I hope they appreciate her as much as I do! She really is a dog’s best friend!

Feel free to reach out to any one of our humans for assistance. Even without our super sense of smell, you’ll know where to find them… no compass needed!

All the best,

CCO, Elation Real Estate

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