Elation Real Estate – The Back Story

January 28, 2020

Elation Real Estate – The Back Story

Gina – Real Estate

The year is 1995.  Gina is about to graduate from college (at age 7 😉) with a degree in Clinical Nutrition and some debt.  Since she comes from a real estate family, she decided to get her real estate sales license, but ONLY as a way to pay off debt before embarking on her new career of helping people to heal through nutrition.  But once she sold her first home, she was hooked. Therefore, she took the fork in the road and ended up with a career in Real Estate.  And 25 years later, she’s now in the top 100 agents in all of the San Francisco Bay Area and Voted Pleasanton’s Best Realtor® for eight consecutive years by the readers of the Pleasanton Weekly.


But hold on… slow down… let’s back up a little bit.  Hop into the DeLorean, floor it to 88 mph and let’s go back to the year 2008. Let me first introduce you to Gina’s boyfriend (at the time), Shawn.  Shawn has been involved in the Real Estate industry for about as long as Gina has, in various areas:  mortgage, appraisals, and sales. Because of that, he has a vast, well-rounded knowledge of the industry.  Meanwhile, as a matter of chance, at a “passing through” job for each of them, Shawn meets Viviana.  Subsequently, they become friends.


Who is Viviana, you ask?  At this point in the story, Viviana is just a girl who would find out later that she was in the right place at the right time.  At that point, Viviana is not yet in the Real Estate business, nor, at this point, does she have any plans to be.  However, let’s put a pin in that for later.

The Introduction

So, Shawn’s girlfriend (yes, Gina… keep up), used to come around the office a lot, and bring her little boxer puppy with her, Kodi. As a result, and on one of those occasions, Viviana got the chance to meet Gina and was in awe of her and her success in Real Estate. But more importantly, at the time, she was in love with her puppy!!


Let’s fast forward a few years.  Viviana and Shawn have both moved on from that job, but have kept in touch.  And good thing, too.  Viviana is working in financial services and would refer clients of hers to real estate agents that she knew.  Finally, one of them suggested that she get her own real estate license so she could keep her clients and expand her business.  And so she did!
New to the Real Estate business, she wanted to grow and be the best she could be.  Luckily, she remembered her friend Shawn, whose girlfriend… the one with the puppy… was very successful in Real Estate.  She reached out to him in hopes that he could re-introduce her to Gina.  And that he did.  After that, a new friendship was kindled.

Fast Forward

Stay with me, we are almost Back to the Future! It’s the year 2016.  Gina, “Mrs. Pleasanton”, Viviana, the new rising superstar, and Shawn, the glue that holds it all together, are now all working together for the same Real Estate Company; along with Cindy who somehow supports them all… some kind of superpower, I suppose!

Present Day

But that was so four years ago.  Meanwhile, it is now 2020.  A new year, a new decade, a new baby!  Wait, what?  A new baby!  Yes, the four of them have a new baby.  Allow me to introduce you to,  Elation Real Estate!  Elation Real Estate is a boutique team of handpicked, expert agents that share the same values and goals in creating delightful real estate experiences. Elation exists to champion the best parts of the industry — camaraderie, connection, and cooperation. Their personalized service isn’t just world-class; it’s fun. Elation aims to make a luxurious lifestyle achievable for everyone.
In conclusion, there’s a new team in town.  I encourage you to check out their website and even reach out even if it is just to say hello.
Elation Real Estate
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written by The Chermanator, blog master.

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