Elation’s Best Asset … Our Mascots!

June 17, 2020

Elation’s Best Asset … Our Mascots!


Everybody seems to love mascots.  From sports teams to everyday household items to service companies, all the greats have their own mascot.

Let’s look locally for a minute.  The San Francisco Giants have Lou Seal.  The Oakland A’s have Stomper.  The San Jose Sharks have SJ Sharkie.  Ok, so some of the names might need some work, but the point is, they all have a mascot.

Even some companies and products that we all know have some version of a mascot.  I guess they’d be considered spokespersons, but considering they are not real, we’ll call them mascots!  Frosted Flakes has Tony the Tiger.  Geico has the Gecko.  McDonalds has Ronald McDonald.  Planters has Mr. Peanut.  The list goes on and on, but I think you get my idea.

Does Elation have one?

Elation Real Estate is no different!  We, too, have a mascot!  Some of you have may be familiar with her, but for those who are not, let me introduce you to Perla Piper!

Perla was born on May 31, 2019 and just celebrated her 1st Birthday.  Originally from Chicago, Perlita, as she is affectionately known, has called Pleasanton her home and Gina & Shawn her mom and dad since August.  A white Boxer, with a black patch over her eye, she immediately stole the hearts of Gina and Shawn, and soon thereafter, the entire Elation Real Estate team.

Three Mascots?

Perla loves to run, she loves to jump, she loves to hike.  And along with her best friend, Max, a 4-month old Golden Retriever, she might even love to dig up a plant or two… but she’ll never admit it!  And then there’s Frankie.  Frankie is Perla’s brother, a chihuahua mix, and is the cutest little thing.  In keeping with the mascot theme, picture the “Yo quiero Taco Bell” dog… that’s Frankie!!  Gina and Shawn rescued Frankie from what we can only guess was an abusive house… he’s a bit skittish.  But despite that, and even though both Perla and Max grew bigger than him by the time they were 3 months old, Frankie still kind of runs the place!  He’s like the Godfather!   

Star of the show

That all said, Perla is really the perfect mascot for Elation Real Estate.  She’s loyal… as we are to our customers.  She’s unique… as we are to this industry.  She’s energetic… as we are when making sure we are getting the best deals.  She’s black and white… as we are with our no-nonsense approach to the business.  And she’s just so darn cute!

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