Open House Signs

August 8, 2022

Open House Signs
Picture this… it’s a Saturday afternoon and you are driving around town. As you pass through the intersection, you notice a bunch of A-Frame signs on the corner. Different sizes, different colors, different designs… but one thing in common. There is an Open House somewhere close!
Those are Open House Signs!
But how did they all get there?
For every open house, there is a real estate agent (or… foreshadowing here… a faithful helper) putting out the signs before the open house and collecting them again after the open house. And there are rules to follow! In fact, each city has their own variation of an Open House Ordinance. What that means is that from city to city, the rules may be different. In Pleasanton, you might be allowed to put four signs out, but in San Ramon, you might be allowed 5. And you can put them here, but you can’t put them there. And if you break these “rules” you can actually get in trouble!
David Stark, Chief Public Affairs and Communications Officer for the Bay East Association of Realtors® says that “Sign Ordinance Violations are Back! An increase in homes for sale is also resulting in an increase in open house sign violations – particularly in Fremont. Bay East encourages all real estate professionals to comply with local open house sign regulations. Regulations may differ from community to community, however placing an open house sign on a median strip is not allowed anywhere in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.”
So what is Elation Real Estate doing to stay compliant?
Well, we sat down with the guy behind the scenes. Below is our exclusive interview with the official Sign-Putter-Outter-Guy himself who, by the way, was recently dubbed, “Sign Boy”!!
The interview
Elation: What is your role at Elation Real Estate as it relates to Open Houses?
S.P.O.G.: I’m really the unsung hero in the real estate business. I make the magic happen. But that’s ok… I don’t like being in the limelight. It’s kind of like being a ghost writer… you are the main attraction, but nobody knows you… and that’s ok. The satisfaction of knowing is enough!
Elation: So what’s it like holding that job.
S.P.O.G.: It is a lot of pressure. For starters, if the arrow is facing the wrong way you can send someone to Albuquerque by mistake. And if I am trying to put a sign on a popular corner, I need to get there early. It’s not uncommon to need to camp out the night before to get a good spot. And don’t get me started on traffic!! Have you ever played the game Frogger? Well, I play that game in real life every weekend! Oh, and did I mention the wind? I hate the wind. Well, hate is a strong word. Let’s just say that the wind and I are not very good friends. I’ve had signs end up in the middle of the street because of wind. Not good.
Elation: Wow, that sounds like a lot. Did you attend school or receive any formal training?
S.P.O.G.: Nah, this is just raw talent. Takes a keen eye and a strong will. But you must study and know your neighborhoods. Each city has different rules in terms of how many signs you can put out, where you can put them, etc. For example, in Pleasanton, you can only put 5. With the number of turns and intersections, how do you just pick 5? What if you choose wrong and that perfect buyer drives right past the turn and misses the house? You are messing with fate…
Elation: So let me ask you this… why? Why do you continue to do it week in and week out?
S.P.O.G.: It is a commitment. It is honor. Just like the United States Postal Service … neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor speed of traffic, stays this guy from the swift completion of his appointed rounds!!
Elation: And finally, if you don’t mind me asking, how are you compensated for such an important job.
S.P.O.G.: Yeah, no problem. I’ll admit that I can probably make multiple six figures with any other company, but then I wouldn’t be working for Elation Real Estate and I love those guys. So I pretty much get paid in Thrifty Mint ‘n Chip ice cream and Oreo cookies. I’m living the dream!
Well, there you have it. The man behind the signs. Here’s to you, Mr. Sign-Putter-Outter-Guy!

For more information on the Open House Sign Ordinance for your city, visit, click on the city you are interested in and then scroll down to the Open House Sign Ordinance section.

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