Elation’s Pet Family

February 18, 2022

Elation’s Pet Family
For those of you who know us, you know that we love our animals as much as we love buying and selling homes… if not more! Our pet family is very important to us. And while you can get to know each one of us by visiting our team page, we want you to get to know our furry kids as well. So, allow me to introduce …
Actually … I’m going to let them introduce themselves to you.
Without further ado, I give you the Elation Pet Family.

Hello, I’m Perla Piper. My name means Pearl in both Italian and Spanish. It’s because I am all white… get it? Well except for a few black spots here and there… I can almost pass for a Dalmatian! I’m 2 ½ years old and was born in Chicago. But my grandpa Gary picked me up and brought me home to my mom and dad when I was just a little baby. I love it here! I get to go to the office with my mom and on trips with my dad. I’m a little spoiled… but shhhhh!
Yo, I’m Guido Piper. I think that I might be a whippet, or at least part whippet. My mom and dad rescued me from the Valley Humane Society. They called me a “senior” dog, and nobody would come get me, but my mom fell in the love the moment she saw me… thanks to my Uncle Jeremy. I’m pretty much glued to her side now… yup… everywhere she goes, I go!
I’m Frankie Farrell and I may be a chihuahua mix, but I run the show at my house. Yes, I’m the oldest. Yes, I’m the smallest. Yes, I might not have it all together. And yes, I only have one tooth! But I am in charge and Perla and Guido and any other dogs that come in my home know it! I am the Dog-father! Let’s just say I made them an offer they couldn’t refuse…
Hi, my name is Maximiliano Cherman, but you can call me Max. I’m a Golden Retriever and just celebrated my 2nd birthday on February 12th. That makes me a teenager, in human years, but don’t let that fool ya… I’ve got a ton of puppy left in me! I am so full of energy, non-stop, and I run my mom and dad crazy! But aren’t I cute?? Oh, and I am obsessed with a tennis ball. I can chase that thing for days if you’ll let me! I love kids and want to play with all the dogs in my neighborhood. Oh, and Perla and I are dating!
Hey everybody, I am Paige Riggs!!! My dad calls me the Dory of dogs because I am always happy to meet you over and over and over again! What can I say…? I’m a lover! I am about 7 years old and a Chocolate Lab. But I don’t smell or taste like chocolate! I’m the luckiest dog as I was rescued from a kill shelter in Fresno and came home to bless the Riggs-Thomson home in November of 2019 – just before COVID. My 12-year-old human brother, Bryan, is my best friend. I truly feel like we rescued each other. 

Hi, my name is Odin Gray. I am 6 years old. I was in the shelter for over a year patiently waiting for my mommy to come and find me and adopt me. I was actually named Odin at the shelter because I can only see out of one eye! I certainly live up to the strong Norse mythology name as I am the King of our castle. 

Hi everyone, my name is Sasha Newton. I am a Black Lab, and I am 9 years old. But don’t let my age fool you… I love to go Go GO! My favorite thing in the world is to play fetch and I have a ball ready at all times… just in case! 
I’m Lucky Newton! I’m a Silver Lab and I am 6 years old. My mom says that I am the sweetest and most lovable dog… which I guess makes me the favorite! Unlike my sister Sasha, I have no interest in playing fetch at all, but I will always grab a shoe to chew on! So, watch where you leave yours or you might need a new pair. 
Good day, my name is Curby Newton and I’m a 13-year-old Tabby. I love spending most of my days simply lounging around soaking up the warm sun. Sasha and Lucky can waste their time chasing balls and eating shoes… I’m just gonna lay here. 
Heywoo, my name is Happy. I’m a Tabby too and I am almost 1 years old! I am always happy which is why they call me Happy!! I wuv taking walks in the morning and at nighttime with my doggie sisters, Sasha and Lucky. I don’t know why Curby just wants to lay around all day… walking with my dog pals is super fun!
Hello, I am Phoebe Lommerin. And I’m Gracie. Although our mom is the sweetest lady we know, we sometimes get the feeling that she doesn’t like us. It’s not our fault though… or hers. see about 15 years ago, mom’s human daughters begged her for two kitty cats… us! They promised that when one of them moved out they would take us with! Well fast forward… those girls are long gone, and we are still here! Mom blames us thinking people call her the “crazy cat lady”. I think deep down, she loves us!!!
Hi there … my name is Chewy Yandell and I am a Portuguese Water Dog. I am a rambunctious, 5 1/2-year-old delight as my mom would call me. I am super high energy and insists upon my walks of several miles each day. I need my exercise. I also like to snack on anything you might leave on the counter (butter, bread, chocolate chip cookies, chicken… I am not picky at all). If you could read my mom’s mind, you might hear her thinking, “What were we thinking???? At our stage in life when we can travel, etc.” I guess they just missed their 5 kids, so it was time for Chewy to come on the scene. I’m sure they don’t regret it one bit!
Hey, I’m Jaxy! I was adopted by my mommy from the Hayward Animal Shelter on February 23rd, 2019. It’s almost our 3 year anniversary! I am 2/3 American Pit Bull and 1/3 Staffordshire Terrier and pretty soon I will be 5 years old! My mom says I’m a clown… and she’s probably right. But she also says I’m a thief, but I say, don’t leave your shoes unattended! Most importantly, though, I am a cuddle bug! At our local Pet Food Express, I’m kind of a big deal. I guess you could say that I have celebrity status and I’m treated as such. It’s a blessing and a curse. I recently made a food and treat donation to the Hayward Animal Shelter, courtesy of Pet Food Express, and plan to do a speaker series to the shelter dogs titled, “The good life! Cozy beds, good food and trips to the beach. Hang in there, your family is coming!” It’s gonna be amazing!

Hello everyone, my name is Milo, but I also answer to MiloBean. Officially, though, my name is “Quinthago”. As you can see from my picture, I am neither a dog nor a cat. I am a 15 year old Oldenburg, originally from Germany. I have traveled to and competed in 7 different countries over the course of my competitive career; Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Slovakia, Mexico and the USA! And I have the passport with all the stamps to prove it! When I am not competing, I am total goofball… if horses could be stand-up comedians I would be one, for sure. I make sure NO ONE takes life too seriously. However, I still do take competition very seriously and teach rider (in this case, my human sister, Catalina) confidence and bravery. 

That’s The Scoop for now. We hope you enjoyed meeting our pet family. And as always, feel free to reach out to any one of us here at Elation Real Estate for all your real estate needs, in and around Pleasanton, Livermore, and the rest of the Tri-Valley. Or ask us how you can join our team! Either way, you’ll know where to find us… no compass needed!

All the best,
Your Elation Real Estate Team
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