Pet Food Donations at Elation Real Estate

April 30, 2020

Pet Food Donations at Elation Real Estate

The Event

April 25th was supposed to be the 6th Party for the Pooches event.  Because of the Covid pandemic, along with all other events, all over the world, the event was canceled. We at Elation Real Estate are saddened… wait, what’s that?  Did the little voice inside your head just say, “What is Party for the Pooches?”  You’ve never heard of it?  Have you been sheltered in place for the last seven years??

That’s OK, don’t feel bad. We’ll bring you up to speed.

Party for the Pooches is a fundraising event that benefits the Valley Humane Society, right here in Pleasanton.  Last year, over $40,000 was raised at this event, through donations, silent and live auctions, and raffles.  And amazingly, what makes this even more special, is that this event doesn’t take place at a winery.  It isn’t held in a fancy hotel ballroom.  Nope!  Over $40,000 was raised right in our very own Gina & Shawn’s backyard!!

Wow!  That’s what the voice inside your head should be saying now.

We love animals

At Elation Real Estate, we are just as passionate about the animals in our community as we are about providing excellent service to our clients.  That’s not to say that we love animals more than we love people and certainly not more than our clients.  It may have sounded that way, but I assure you…  I mean, we do love dogs… a lot… but more than you guys?  No way!  Dogs do love unconditionally… but, no, stop being silly.  Love dogs more than our clients?  Ha Ha… come on… that’s ridiculous.  Right?


Anyway… what was the point I was trying to make?  Oh yes!!  We are super excited to announce that Elation Real Estate will be sponsoring a Pet-Food Drive-Thru Drop-Off event, Saturday, May 2nd from 10 am to 1 pm at our downtown office at 127 Spring Street, Pleasanton.

The economic crisis caused by this pandemic is affecting our pet community as well.  Some families in our community cannot afford to feed their animals.  We cannot let that happen!

Therefore, we are asking that you bring any type of pet food, any size, any flavor, wet or dry… we’ll take it all.  Of course, your generosity would be very much appreciated.


But wait… there’s more.  Meadowlark Dairy has graciously donated 50 ice cream tokens to us so the first 50 cars that drive-thru and drop off some pet food will get a token for some FREE ice cream!  Pets with a full belly and you with an ice cream… the best of both worlds!

Valley Humane Society

For those not familiar with Valley Humane, there are many different programs supported by Valley Humane Society.
  • Pet adoptions and medical care
  • Canine Comfort Pet Therapy through Paws to Heal and Paws to Read
  • AniMeals – pet food for low-income seniors.
And that’s just to name a few.  These programs make a difference both for our animals and the community we serve.


If you can’t make it down on Saturday, there are two more ways you can help.

  1. Visit Pet Supplies Plus in Pleasanton.  They have a Valley Humane Society food bin in their store.  So, you can head on in, buy two bags of food instead of just one, bring one home to your furry friend and drop the other in the bin!
  2. Click the link below to make a monetary donation to Valley Humane.  Ignore the tickets part and scroll down to “donate”.

Click this link to make a donation

See you Saturday!

This year’s theme for the Party for the Pooches was going to be Peace, Love & Pooches.  Far out, man!  So, if you want to know who let the dogs out, come on down on Saturday to make a super groovy difference! Can you dig it?  The dogs sure can!  I’m just sayin’…

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