Top 10: Worst Halloween Candy

October 23, 2020

Top 10: Worst Halloween Candy

Happy Halloween to you all!!  With the way 2020 is going, a black cat could cross your path, a headless horseman could gallop on by, or a witch on a broomstick could fly down Main Street and none of us would even bat an eye!

But in keeping with the Halloween theme, we thought we’d present our next Top 10 List…

We polled over 1000 kids…  ok, no we didn’t.  But we did poll our entire office… well, we didn’t actually do that either.  It was really just one guy with a giant sweet tooth who put together the list!  But here we go anyway… hopefully this helps you in your candy buying strategies this Halloween.

Here are Elation Real Estate’s Top 10 Worst Halloween Treats.

Let’s start with number 10…

#10)  Candy Corn

Candy Corn

We know, we know… why is this not #1?  Like black licorice, there are only two sides of the story with this candy … you either LOVE it, or you absolutely HATE it!  Our mysterious ghost writer happens to love these things for some reason but understands that he might be the only one in the world who does. That’s why it still made the list of the worst candies but is way up here at #10… the best of the worst, if you will.

#9)  Black Licorice

As mentioned above, most people hate the taste of black licorice.  And when Twizzlers or Red Vines can be bought just as easily, why in the world would you buy black licorice in the first place, let alone give it to little trick-or-treaters!

#8)  Wax Soda Bottles

Yes, what kid would turn down a can a soda?  I know, none of you would give soda to your kids, but when they are at their friend’s house… what do you think they are drinking??  But… to put one drop of something that just looks like it could be soda into a blob of wax for kids to chew on…?  Really?

#7)  Pay Day

Ok, first of all, who in the world came up with this name?  Isn’t this just a bunch of peanuts held together by some kind of edible glue?  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never associated a blob of peanuts with a Pay Day.  Besides… I’m eight years old trying to get my trick or treat on!!

#6)  Smarties

These are nothing more than little slices of chalk.  And why are they even different colors?  They all taste the same… like little slices of chalk!  What is gives them the color anyway? We’d rather not know.

#5)  Circus Peanuts

We don’t even know where to start with this one.  Why are they orange?  Peanuts are not orange.  They are not orange flavored.  And unless you are an elephant, who eats the entire peanut shell?  Or are they supposed to be packing peanuts?  Wait … who is eating those?  Taste-wise, that’s a lot closer though.

#4)  Single Hard Candies

How many 85-year-old men are coming to your home, trick-or-treating on Halloween?  Assuming the answer is less than two, quit trying to pawn these off on us and give us some chocolate!

#3)  Pretzels

What am I?  An unaccompanied minor flying on Southwest Airlines, or am I a kid dressed as batman out trick-or-treating with my friends?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  That’s not even candy, man!

#2)  Sliced Apples

Here we go again with the non-candy option.  Come on … really?  I said Trick or Treat, not Trick or healthy snack that I always find in my Avengers lunch box that I try to trade for a bag of chips every single time!

And the worst Halloween Candy…

(drum roll, please)

#1)  Candy Corn

Candy Corn

Now wait… how can the same candy be #10 and #1?  Succumbing to the fact that most of our readers would rather eat a pumpkin spice candle than a candy corn, we had no choice but to leave it as the worst Halloween candy ever.  Luckily, they are orange, or you’d probably never see them for sale at all!  Not to mention, I think the stores are still trying to sell the same bags they’ve been trying to sell for the past 109 years.

There you have it!  We hope you enjoyed our latest Top 10 list.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Elation Real Estate.  Feel free to reach out to any one of us here at Elation Real Estate.  You’ll know where to find us… no compass needed!

All the best,

Your Elation Real Estate Team

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written by The Chermanator, blog master

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